Tournament Highlights

1 Nuggets 114-112 win over Pelicans to usher in three consecutive victories
2 In the first hearing, Giggs denied the allegations of assaulting and controlling his ex-girlfriend..
3 Tatum and Brown's insane 73 points leads Boston Celtics to a 120-111 victory against Charlotte Hornets..
4 Paul scored 6 points in a critical moment to overturn the Clippers, beat the Suns by 8 points to return to the playoffs after 11 years
5 Bill 27 points and Wei Shao's triple-double refused to reverse, the Lakers lost to the Wizards 107-116 and cut 26+5
6 6 players missed the Hawks home game with 44 points, the 76ers bloodbathed the Hawks to lock the playoffs ahead of schedule
7 Spotify founder teamed up with 3 ambitions to buy gunman for 1.8 billion pounds
8 de Bruyne and Mahrez strikes to cancel out Marquinhos' opener, Man City gain advantage in 1-2 away Champions League Semi-Finals first-leg tie against PSG..
9 The Warriors lost to the Lone Ranger with only 29 points in the half
10 The level of rottenness is comparable to that of the UEFA Super League. An analysis of why the restructuring of the UEFA Champions League was criticized by the industry...
11 7 Nets scored in double to capture Raptors to welcome three-game winning streak
12 Thunder 119-115 victory over Green Shirts to end 14th losing streak
13 Trailblazers 133-112 end the Pacers' three-game winning streak
14 Nagelsmann to be appointed as Bayern Munich's new head coach at the beginning of next season..
15 Pulisic scores to give Chelsea slight advantage against Real Madrid as they drew 1-1 during Champions League semi-finals first-leg..
16 Correa's brace pushes AC Milan out of top four as Lazio won 2-1..
17 Ishinajo assists and enters the World Wave again, Leicester City reverses 2-1 and kills Crystal Palace..
18 Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer became first two inductees of Premier League Hall of Fame..
19 Hakimi then assisted in the center post, Dalmian set the spotlight, Inter Milan defeated Geras Verona 1-0..
20 Son Heung-min burst into tears after defeat to Manchester City in Carabao Cup Final..

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