The Hawks beat the Rockets, Murray led the way with 34 points, Jaylen Green's big triple-double failed to save the Rockets

2024-02-12 14:01

The Hawks beat the Rockets, Murray led the way with 34 points, Jaylen Green's big triple-double failed to save the Rockets

According to news on February 12 , the Hawks successfully defeated the Rockets at home and won their second consecutive victory with a score of 122-113 . This game showcased Murray's outstanding personal performance and Rockets guard Jaylen Green 's big triple-double, but in the end the Hawks stabilized the victory with the outstanding performance of the entire team.


Before the start of the game, the Hawks did not send away the core of the team Murray through a trade, and the Rockets did not make major adjustments before the trade deadline. There were players in the starting lineups of both sides in this game who were absent due to injuries, but the intensity of the game was not greatly affected.


In the first quarter of the game, the Rockets showed strong offensive firepower. Jaylen Green was active on the court and scored 31 points in a single quarter , establishing a 12- point lead for the team. However, the Hawks regained their form in the second quarter. Dejounte Murray , Jaylen Johnson and Saddiq Bey scored consecutively, allowing the team to overtake the score. The Hawks led 57-49 at halftime .


In the third quarter, the two sides launched a fierce attack. The two teams scored a total of 73 points in a single quarter . The Eagles entered the final quarter with an 11- point advantage. Although Jaylen Green tried to narrow the point difference, the Hawks held on to the lead and eventually defeated the Rockets 122-113 .


The Hawks' starting lineup performed well, with Murray scoring 34 points, Jaylen Johnson and Bay contributing 21 points and 24 points respectively. As for the Rockets, Jaylen Green completed a triple-double with 26 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists, but failed to change the situation of the game.


This game is an important win for the Hawks, especially at a critical moment in the fight for playoff qualification. Murray 's personal performance and the team's unity and cooperation make the Eagles' future brighter.


Next, the Hawks will continue to work hard to qualify for the playoffs, while the Rockets need to re-adjust their state and strive for more wins in the remaining games. This game will become an important chapter in the competition between the two sides this season, and it will also provide a wonderful game for the fans.